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The California Lemon Law, also known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, was enacted by the California legislature in order to provide relief to buyers of defective automobiles and other consumer goods.  Thousands of vehicles are repurchased by the automobile manufacturers every year under the California Lemon Law, one of the nation's most consumer-friendly lemon law statutes.

In general terms, the California Lemon Law provides that the manufacturer must repurchase or replace a car, truck, or other consumer good which the manufacturer, or its authorized repair facilities, are unable to repair.  In order for the California Lemon Law to apply, the manufacturer's representatives must be given a "reasonable opportunity" to repair the defect within the warranty period. 

For qualifying vehicles, the manufacturer must refund the consumers' down payment, monthly payment, and pay off the outstanding loan balance.  Moreover, incidental damages, such as reasonable rental and tow expenses incurred, are also recoverable.

Perhaps most importantly, the manufacturers must pay the reasonable attorney's fees of a prevailing plaintiff. 

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